Before she was Esther, Queen of Persia, heroine of the Jews. She was Haddash. Because she hid her identity and changed her name in the palace, it is easy for us to give Haddash a negative conotation. We veiw the pre-palace days as a time when she was unimportant, worthless, or invisible. As readers ,we deem it as not worth mentioning. We focus our attention on her time in the palace where she was confident and revolutionary. It is important to mention that Queen Esther of Persia means nothing without the truth that God  knew her worth even when was supposedly nobody. He uses her past as platform to build her future.

The duality between the two names is the very essence we'd like to portray through our new Elite Collection.



"The inherited identity you have within is what makes you royalty"


                                                     -Makari Chew.